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Why must I not ignore a toothache? The reasons are listed here!

A toothache can be the worst to deal with. If it increases, it will prevent you from eating or consuming anything, be it solid or liquid. Unfortunately, people do not go for a dental checkup unless the trouble increases and becomes unbearable. They feel that it might be a slight discomfort that will wear off in a few hours and usually don’t want to get into the hassle of visiting a dentist. But a toothache can denote many troubles, which only a dentist can identify. Henceforth, let us read some of the reasons why you must not ignore toothache even when it’s minor, as suggested by a dentist in Springfield, VA:

It can lead to swelling 

Toothache might be the beginning of swelling and more discomfort. Thus, for the first time when you see any tooth troubling you with pain, you must visit a dentist for a proper diagnosis to identify the reason behind that toothache.

It can lead to bleeding 

You may be suffering from toothache before the tooth breaks. Besides, sometimes, the pain can increase gradually and lead to bleeding when you eat anything. Thus, to avoid sudden discomfort and excessive bleeding due to breakage, consult a dentist if the tooth pain is due to a loose tooth.

This can be due to developing infections 

The common symptom of any hidden infection or disease can start with a minute toothache. At first, it might look like a normal pain, but eventually, it will cause sleepless nights. In other words, if you are suffering from a toothache, do not take it casually and go for a dentist visit.


Cavities are known to not only cause sensitivity in teeth but also pain. Pain is caused by an increased decay or excessive damage to the enamel. In such cases, you would need a root canal treatment for recovery.

The basic way to avoid any sudden discomfort is to be regular with your dental visits. When you go for a periodic checkup, your dentist will recognize your oral health, which allows them to properly analyze your teeth and diagnose any changes that might be considered. In summary, you must be consistent with your oral health and follow a basic hygiene routine. In addition, with regular dentist checkups, you will find yourself less in such situations where emergency care is needed.