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Why do I need a family dentist


On average, around thirteen percent of kids in the country have untreated tooth problems, which often range from decay to crumbling of the tooth. However, this is not to insinuate that kids are the only ones who need dental checkups. Statistically, almost twenty-six percent of adults in the country have cases of dental decay, and these are often left untreated.

It would not be far-fetched from the truth to stress that, on average more kids make dental visits than adults; this could be attributed to reasons ranging from work to busy schedules or even being embarrassed.

Dental visits cannot be overemphasized because dental care can help balance your physical and mental welfare. All you need to do is never miss a dental appointment, and if you’re yet to schedule one, you can visit a Boise family dental care specialist today.

Who is a family dentist

A family dentist is a professionally certified dentist grounded in dentistry for all ages, that is, both the young and adults within a family. They specialize in taking care of such things as dental examinations, fluoride treatments, extractions, filling, etc.

Many often wonder why they don’t just go ahead and take their kids to pediatric dentists, but a family dentist suffices just fine, given that with family dentists, you and your loved one’s dental records are in safe hands.

Why do you need a family dentist?

Oral hygiene is very core to your overall well-being even despite the fact that it allows you to wear a confident smile where ever you might find yourself. I bet you didn’t know that it saves you from certain life-threatening ailments because oral hygiene helps reduce the chances of heart diseases and even some types of cancer. So who can better look after the oral needs of you and yours than a competent family dentist?

Below are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy if you enlist the services of a family dentist

Convenience: having a family dentist helps you and your family set up appointments that work for everyone, and you could save yourselves the stress and hassle of endless waits to see a dentist.

Lasting relationship: with a family dentist, the relationship is lasting, and you would not hesitate to reach out as regards any dental needs that arise for you and or your family.

Emergencies: with your family dentists contact on speed dial, you can reach out to them when any dental emergencies arise, even in times that are considered after hours

Dental anxiety: a family dentist helps alleviate any fear your kids or even you may have about visiting the dentist. This, however, works best for your kids as they get to be more confident and relaxed knowing that you have the same dentist and that you often go through the same procedure as them.


Above all, with a family dentist, all of your family dental records are intact and in the piece, and should any need for reference arises, you already know where you’re headed.