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Making a decision on what to pursue after college can be difficult. It is a life-changing decision. If you are passionate about dental hygiene, one career option you can consider is becoming a dental hygienist. For that, you need to look into the different dental hygienist schools. There are many options out there that you can choose from. The question now arises how do you find the ideal school to go to? The dental hygienist school you go to has a signficant impact on the future. A Plus is one of the leading names in the industry. They are a well-established dental hygiene college that provides students with an intensive diploma program. Here is what makes their program an ideal fit.

Enriching Curriculum

A dental hygiene program is considered to be good when it offers hands-on training to the students. As a hygienist, there are certain equipment and took that you need to use as an x-ray machine. When the course ends, you are all prepared for the space outside. The program has been designed to provide you with technical as well as soft skills. While working as a dental hygienist, you are required to interact with people daily. So it is imperative to have strong communication skills. The program should train you to develop that.


The dental hygiene program needs to be accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in Canada (CDAC). There are strict guidelines that have been laid down by the Commission that needs to be followed by each dental hygienist program. For the college to receive accreditation, the CDAC will carry out an intensive survey. Their team will inspect the specifics of the program when they are visiting the campus of the college. There are about 18 programs that have been accredited by CDAC and the course offered by A Plus Institute is one of them. When pursuing a dental hygienist course, you must do it from a place that has the required accreditation.


The faculty also plays a determinant role. Being a dental hygienist is a practical job. For that, you need hands-on training. When this training has been provided by some of the best in the industry, you can be sure of the skills. A Plus Institute has some of the leading names in the industry. As the course is oriented towards teaching the students practical skills, it ensures that you learn these skills from the best in the industry.

Compact Class Size

Having a bigger class size can be a demotivating factor. When there are too many students, it becomes difficult for the instructor to give proper attention to each student. Keeping that in mind, the batch sizes are small. The instructor to student ratio is set at 1:6 when working in the clinic or lab. The smaller ratio helps to ensure that each student gets the attention needed. Working as a dental hygienist involves being careful. As close attention is being paid it becomes easier to learn the craft.