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Assisted Living in an Apartment Environment Promotes Independence

Assisted living centers vary in their composition and design. Some offer traditional rooms like a nursing home that may serve as sleeping quarters for one resident or two. Others offer apartments that let the resident bring some furniture from home or choose a furnished apartment.

At an assisted facility like Villas at San Bernardino, residents are able to choose the type of lodging they will stay in, such as studio apartment designs and a one-bedroom option. If their health conditions worsen or if they need to escalate care to memory care, they may remain in their apartment without having to move. This lets the individual retain their familiar surroundings and continue to have their personal possessions in their domicile. This provides a necessary level of comfort when in memory care and can help the resident remain calm.

Apartment-style lodgings that assisted care facilities provide foster community between residents and staff. They offer more than just medical staff and assistants. They offer an independent way of life that allows residents to maintain their dignity as they age. This is one of the key reasons why aging adults and their families choose assisted living facilities over some of the other senior care facility options that may not feel quite as homey and comfortable. Other facilities may give off a cold or hospital-like vibe that does not sit well with many seniors and their loved ones.

Another benefit to assisted living facilities is that many residents who move in are still active, some still drive and bring their cars. Residents range in terms of their age and health status.

The idea of assisted living as a different name for a nursing home misses the mark completely. Many residents of assisted living merely need apartment life because they cannot care for the landscaping of a home as well as something the size of a house. They might benefit from someone else cooking the meals for them and taking care of the housekeeping.

Many opt for assisted living later in life because they typically offer social events that residents can choose to attend or they can enjoy the many amenities of assisted living. When children or grandchildren visit, they aren’t confined to a small room but have opportunities for things to do for fun.

While some assisted living centers exude a nursing home vibe, many top-tier facilities come much closer to apartment living with the extras of meals and housekeeping included. This makes it easier for couples to move in when only one of the spouses requires a higher level of care. They let residents feel at home and provide the atmosphere of a small town.

One of the most important factors is the high-quality medical care from a caring staff. It’s important that staff in an assisted living environment create an amicable atmosphere that lets residents enjoy the waning years of their lives with the day-to-day tasks taken care of so they can focus on family and friends.

Making decisions on housing and medical care for aging seniors, whether it’s you or a family or loved one, it’s important to research your options. You don’t want to make a quick decision only to find that the location you selected isn’t suitable from a lifestyle or health perspective. Everyone deserves to live comfortably so consider assisted living and locate a local facility that has all the amenities you need.